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To help camouflage unattractive blemishes, scars and skin imperfections it takes a skilled artist with specialized training. Pat uses her expertise to blend colors and works to hide even the darkest bruised or port-wine stains. She teaches her clients precisely how to do the same techniques at home.

Camouflage / Paramedical Makeup must be opaque to hide what you want to conceal. Additionally, it must be waterproof to stay on until you choose to take it off. This process conceals post surgical bruises, port-wine stains, rosacea, vitiligo, scleroderma, spider veins, scars and-virtually any skin discoloration.

Pat is a licensed Master Cosmetologist and a trained volunteer with the America Cancer Society's "Look Good and Feel Better" program.

Through out this process Pat has one goal: To help people feel good on the inside-and look great on the outside!